Cap A Mar it’s an organization born in a fisherman’s family of la Barceloneta, and as heirs of that tradition we want to preserve and get known the cultural heritage of our job, sometimes, forgotten in our city. We claim our origin, the emblematic sailor district mediterranean of la Barceloneta. We want to contribute to make the citizens feel it like it’s of theirs and they get to know it for its values and not for it’s conflicts.

We make all kind of activities that promote the difusión of the values, centenary knowledge of the fishermen’s and it’s experiences of it’s own true main characters, the sailors.

In order to reach all types of audiences, we adapt to the needs of each group of people, without forgetting the children.


We want to contribute and creat sustanable concience to our visitors to take care of our enviroment.  In order to accomplish this objectives, CAP A MAR belongs to Barcelona+Sostenible, a network of about 1000 organizations with a strong compromiso with social, ecomonical  and enviromental sustanibility to the city and with their persons and territory. This group is constituted for entities of citizens, bussiness and comercial organizations, educational centers, universities, schools and colleges and administrations. In addition, from april 2020, CAP A MAR will be part of BIOSPHRE compromiso from the Institut de Turisme Responsable (RTI).



Cristina Caparrós is our responsable person to garantee the sustanaibilioty of our events and activities.