Fisherman for a day customized: we help you to create your own unique experience

UNAVAILABLE – Live a day at sea with the fishermen of Barceloneta.

We will help you create your own customized experience so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

The day will start sailing along the coast until reaching the pebbles, where you will discover how the sailors are fishing. Next you will be able to taste a freshly cooked seafood meal on board with the fish that you will soon have seen leaving the sea.
Along the way, the boat captain will tell you everything you want to know about fishing, and when you arrive at the port you can see the auction at the fish market. The best way to finish a great experience.

  • The activity takes place from Monday to Friday from May to September, both included
  • Departure from 4:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • The activity can be done in Catalan, Spanish and French
  • From 18 years old
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Welcome kit
  • Visit the fish market upon arrival


5:00 Arrival at the dock
We will quote in the mooring area of ​​the Barceloneta Fishermen’s Wharf, where the skipper of the ship in which you live experience will come to you.
6:00 Departure and navigation
At this time the trigger is started and all trawlers leave to fish in the open sea.
8:30 the time has come!
We will launch the networks to the sea with enthusiasm for a good catch
10:30 A little tasting of sea
2:00 pm A really good lunch
So much activity has made you win, but do not worry, the fishermen will know how to make it happen. You will prepare a succulent seafood meal with the fish that you will have captured sooner: more fresh impossible!
16:00 return to earth
The fishing day is over and we return home to sell everything we have captured to the fish market. During your trip you will have informational material available that explains various aspects related to our world: fishing techniques, types of fish, industry operation and history of the neighborhood. Of course, the sailors of the ship will be happy to answer your questions.
17:00 Arrival at the dock and sale at the fish market
We will moor the ship and then the fish will start downloading. You can experience the true frenzy of the spring generated by the arrival of all the ships. We will head to the fish market, where the fish auction will be harvested. Here is an authentic marine day.

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